Reliability. Safety. And a healthy obsession with client service.

Since 1973, clients have depended on FSR Trucking, Inc. / Postal Carrier Corp (FSR/PCC) to move goods from Point A to Point B—reliably, safely, efficiently. Today, we’re proud to be one of the most successful carriers based in the Southeast, with a solid reputation for can-do client service. It’s a reputation we earned one route at a time.

We are proud to be listed among the United States Postal Service’s contract vendors, hauling mail on a regular schedule between points throughout the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions, including Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. We’re also a Core Carrier for UPS, providing airfreight delivery services between the Miami, Orlando and Tampa metro areas, as well as regular ground service in and out of their base at Louisville.

FSR/PCC hauls professional racecars for Orbit Racing and other nationally recognized organizations. Celebrated drivers like Scott Sharp, Guy Cosmo, Ed Brown and Johannes Van Over Beek depend on us to manage the movement of their vehicles reliably—without delays, damage or excuses.

VIS: Eagle Spirit Award

With its own fleet of FSR/PCC tractor-trailers, this rapidly expanding segment of our business requires the same reliability, flexibility, resourcefulness and attention to detail as our core activities.

If your business needs regular over-the-road transport, count on us to partner with you. So you can meet your customers’ goals and your own. Learn about our company and our capabilities. Can we help you operate more efficiently? Contact us to learn more.